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Social Media Marketing

CJA Web Designs – Digital Marketing Solutions – Create a business story that will last forever, we can help!

Online Marketing Solutions with proven ROI – We can create a perfect website, online branding, and a solid positive overall internet presence by utilizing social media and the latest technologies. By adding unique graphics, images, video and optimized content about your company’s story, you can gain a competitive advantage. No matter how big or how small, we have a web solution for you at a competitive rate.

CJA Web Designs Expert Marketing Team

  • Digital Marketing Strategist
  • SEO Consultant
  • Certified Adwords Partner
  • Content Writer, Editor
  • Web Developer/Programmer
  • Hosting Provider
  • AR/VR (augmented/virtual reality) Designers
  • Social Media Strategists
  • Business Management

Best Optimized Social Media Solutions = Best Return On Investment!


Social Media Networks


Perform implementing the recommended 2-6 actions per week; preference is to pre-schedule, end/beginning of the month.

Actions include:

▪ Branded posts

✓ Custom designed images incorporating your logo.

▪ Filler posts

✓ Industry related shares of relevant content to keep your fans excited.

▪ Sales posts (must consist of a paid ‘boost’)

✓ As of 2015, Facebook does not display sales-based posts in fans’ news feeds; unless the business pays to boost that post.

✓ This can include sales, coupon codes, special events, announcements, product descriptions, etc.

✓ May include links back to the client’s website when necessary.

✓ Boost post (monthly budget discussed in advance).

▪ Includes micro-targeting audience to selected demographic

*Please note the cost of the package does not cover boost post budget. The client pays FB directly for all charges of boosted posts. We will set up the ad account through client profile.

* Social media contests provide a great avenue to increase your email marketing list from a group of current or potential customers, as well as assist with raising brand awareness, increasing customer loyalty, driving site traffic, and increasing fan engagement on your page. We will leverage Facebook ads to promote your business to the right audience.

Services to include: Creation of highly targeted ads on Facebook to drive new leads, visits, or likes.


Assist with 2-5 actions per week on Twitter – recommend complete social feed.

Actions include:

▪ Tweets / Retweets / Respond to or converse with industry relevant tweets

▪ Follow pertinent industry accountsPinterestWe will perform operations on Pinterest as needed to maintain and build an audience.

Actions include:

▪ Pinning new products

▪ Creating new board

▪ Finding new accounts to follow

Google +

Local Setup & Optimization

We will be responsible for improving client’s local search results through the creation and Optimization of directory listings. Included in the Local Search Optimization is the following:

▪ Setup of a Google+ Collections Section of the newly created Local account.

▪ Creation and optimization of Google+ Local page.

▪ Continue Branded Design for the cover photo and profile image.

Posting to Google+ as needed.


Create page (link to website) Continual posts are business dependent.


Perform implementing the recommended 2-6 actions per week; preference is to pre-schedule, end/beginning of the month.

Actions include:

▪ Branded posts

✓ Custom designed images incorporating your logo.


✓ Create page (link to website) Continual posts are business dependent.

Snap Chat

Use and Continual posts are business dependent.

Youtube / Vimeo

Implement the recommended ‘Tell your Story’ in 90secs or less –

1 actions per week/month; dependent on business.

Actions include:

▪ Branded Video Message

✓ Custom videos incorporating your logo.

Second Rate

Directory listings – Perform maintenance on a quarterly basis.

Google, Bing, Alexa, Pinterest – even if to simply have your business listed so it can be found in search.

Consistent Branding Message:
Photo(s)/Logo, About us/Company info – Business address, phone, hours, website address, etc.



If you use the yelp or yahoo listing – you will receive calls immediately wanting to purchase their service. This is not needed and it appears that they put in bad info. simply to get you to pay a monthly fee to have correct info. online – just disregard.

How to determine what listings matter – ask us (or your customers), it is easy to figure out, some listings are not good – use with care.